Report Analysis on NLC and TUC Nationwide Strike

As earlier threatened, members of the NLC and TUC are launching a nationwide strike action today over the assault on NLC president Joe Aribe.

NLC strikes nation-wide

Security Advisory on The NLC and TUC Nationwide Strike

Organizations are advised to activate the business continuity plan (BCP), as business activities are most likely to be affected by the protection if not averted. Avoid gathering in large crowds.

Travel Advisory

  1. Employers are advised to encourage staff to work remotely, as there is a high tendency for vehicle movement to be affected.
  2. If movement is necessitated by work or business exigencies, ensure routes are safe before embarking, and also, while on the trip, avoid traveling in company-branded vehicles and attire.
  3. avoid the transportation of tangible and consummate products or items.
  4. maintain situational awareness and stay in touch with periscope security and safety limited intel for timely updates. and also remember to follow our security tips.