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Periscope is the best security company in  Lagos state and has been Protecting lives and assets for 2 decades with glory.

Over the years we have maintained our reputation as one of the top security in Lagos, making sure the safety of our clients has been our priority to date.










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About Us

Periscope Security and Safety Limited being the best security company in Lagos is an outfit incorporated exclusively for rendering first-class and multifaceted services to industries, banks, individuals, private firms, companies, corporate bodies, communities, and the general public. Periscope Security and Safety Ltd is an efficient security out that is committed to excellence in the provision of multifacted security services. it is therefore the intent and policy of the company to render services that conform to or exceed their client’s security and safety standards but within contract specifications and regulatory requirements.

In order to achieve our goal of high-quality services, the company places importance on the tracing and elimination of causes of security lapses and problems with emphasis on prevention rather than correction, thus achieving high quality at a low cost. The management is bent on the implementation of efficient quality at low costs. In achieving this feat, we realize that cheap but sub-standard products and services are false economy.

The management is certain that implementing an efficient quality security management system based on ISO 9000 series and other standard codes will not only the quality of operations but also bring a reduction in overall costs of rendering quality services.

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Our Vision

“To become one of the foremost corporate security outfits in Africa that can provide World class solutions to contemporary security challenges facing Government, individual, a corporate organization in Africa and beyond”.

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Security Consultancy
Provision of Security guards
VIP escorts and protection
Vulnerability assessments
Rapid and emergency responseMaritime security
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7A Adeleke Adedoyin Street, Off Musa Yar’ Adua Street, Lagos Nigeria

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