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Emergency Signal

Periscope Security’s Fixed Emergency Signal is intentionally intended to look unsuspicious, yet it can save your life!


It comprises a short-range remote transmitter and a button. At the point when the button is squeezed, it conveys a message to our all-day, everyday monitored control community, which dispatches our salvage group to you.


Contingent upon your own necessities and the sort of building you live or work in, a fixed emergency signal might be exactly what you want to remain ready for a crisis.


Advantages of the fixed signal for an emergency response:

simple to utilize

quicker to use than mobile phones

doesn’t need talking

quiet caution

remote (inside 100m of the transmitter)

Who needs a fixed emergency signal?

Any security-cognizant family or person

Old adults can utilize them when they need assistance

Organizational receptionists can be involved in a crisis

Kids, when they are all alone

How might I get a fixed signal for an emergency response?

Reach out to us to get a deal

Establishment in 2 days or less