A walk-through metal detector is a security device used to detect the presence of metal objects on a person as they walk through it. It consists of an archway with sensors that emit low-energy electromagnetic fields. When a person with metal objects on their body, such as keys, coins, or weapons, passes through the archway, the detector’s sensors identify the metal and trigger an alert, often accompanied by audible and visual signals. These devices are commonly used at entrances to secure facilities, airports, and other public places to enhance security by identifying concealed metal objects, and helping prevent potential threats or unauthorized items from entering a restricted area. Walk-through metal detectors are an integral part of security protocols in various environments, providing a quick and non-invasive means of enhancing safety. in need of this Detector Email Us


Strong Steel Alarm PadlockSuitable for gates, sheds, trailers, scooters, motorbikes, and more a keyhole that resists. When locked, batteries are not accessible. Padlock is approximately 122 mm (4.75 inches) tall. impermeable,pre-fitted with long-life batteries included, Three unique cut keys Simply take out the shackle, spin it around, insert it into the housing, and turn the key to activate the lock alarm. The alarm will sound a brief beep on the device to let you know it is on. Should the padlock be tampered with, the entire alarm will sound. To get this Email us

solar camera

Solar Camera

Using the newest security camera available, you will be able to see everything that happens. All you need is a few hours of sunlight.

X-ray Baggage Scanner

An X-ray inspection system, which can scan briefcases, carry-on luggage, and tiny freight items, improves the operator’s capacity to spot possible threats.
It makes use of a dependable, superior dual energy X-ray generator. It might provide a clean scanning image with an excellent imaging algorithm, enabling operators to visually identify possible threat items.

X-ray Baggage Scanner

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