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With more than 4,000 seaports worldwide, ports continue to be desirable targets for terrorist groups and break-ins. An attack on a sizable port facility has the potential to devastate the environment, seriously harm the economy of a country, and have an effect on global stock markets.

Seaports and Airports Security

Periscope has been providing specialized security services to seaports throughout Nigeria for more than ten years in collaboration with customs, port authorities, and port operators.

‏In order to satisfy its clients’ financial and regulatory requirements, Periscope collaborates with them to identify the best solution to support their plans. Consequently, Periscope has been in charge of implementing new security measures all over Nigeria.
Periscope provides a full range of project management services, including planning, designing, and implementing security system installations. A specialized project manager will be assigned to assess the financial, operational, and contractual components of any project to guarantee complete compliance with industry standards and regulatory regulations. Services also include auditing and evaluations of any current systems.
From the beginning to the end, Periscope will help the client maximize profits by making the most use of current infrastructure and technology, whether that means introducing new systems or making enhancements to existing equipment.
Commercial buildings including offices, factories, and labs are secured by periscope. We tailor our services to each unique site and location and make significant investments in training programs, giving our employees the resources they need to provide excellent customer service.
The security teams are the first to interact with members of the public and frequently occupy front-line positions. As a result, we choose our employees based on their ability to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner, guaranteeing that our security guards are excellent, well-mannered, articulate, and competent professionals.
Our employees are equipped with the skills necessary to anticipate, avert, or diffuse possible crises and act promptly in an emergency. We promise to meet security requirements while upholding the best caliber of customer care.

Commercial buildings including offices, factories, and labs are secured by periscope. Our services are tailored to each unique site and locale.

Services provided consist of:

Operations setup includes hiring and educating operational personnel, creating security plans and manuals, and creating processes.

Assessments of port and ship security, including security surveys, vulnerability analyses, and recommendations for countermeasures

Financial agreements, such as equipment provision

When necessary, screening of individuals and their belongings, guests, crew, and at the entrance to port facilities is conducted. Advanced methods are used in hand searches, metal detectors, and X-ray machines.

Security patrols, CCTV monitoring, and intruder detection systems (like Smart Fences)

staffing port facility access control points

Emergency preparedness, encompassing crisis handling and ongoing company operations. CONTACT US NOW……..