Police apprehend Joy Afekafe, the prime suspect in the capricious murder of a professor.

A few friends and church members of Dr. Mrs. Funmilola Adefolalu, a lecturer at FUT Minna, paid her a visit at her Gbaiko Area home on October 29, 2023, at approximately 1000 hours, as she was unable to reach her phone.

Unfortunately, when the guests arrived at the house, they found her lying in a pool of blood with injuries all over her body.

When Bosso Division police officers arrived on the scene, they found two bloodstained knives that they believed were used to stab the woman by an unidentified individual or people. She was pronounced dead at IBB Hospital in Minna after the body was brought there.

The deceased’s housemaid, Joy Afekafe ‘f’, a 14-year-old from Gbeganu, Minna, was apprehended on October 30, 2023, at approximately 2100 hours, at a residence in the Gbeganu neighborhood of Minna. Nevertheless, the Police Division responded quickly and conducted a number of interviews with neighbors and family friends.

The suspect admitted during questioning that she worked as the deceased’s housemaid for roughly three weeks before being fired for committing wrongdoing in the home.

Following her dismissal, she got together with classmates Walex and Smart, shared her story with them, and decided to plot an attack on the lecturer at her house.

She said that on October 28, 2023, at approximately 1600 hours, they arrived at the residence on a motorcycle. She added that the lecturer let her through the gate.

Later, Walex and Smart came in, beat the dead woman, struck her in the head with a stick, and stabbed her multiple times with a knife that Walex had brought and several more that Smart had taken from the kitchen.

She claimed that in addition to taking the dead person’s phone and laptop, they also took the car’s battery out of the complex and drove off.

While efforts are being made to apprehend the other suspects who are escaping, the suspect will be moved to SCID for additional investigation and careful prosecution.